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Have you ever found it difficult to teach English to your children? If your answer is yes, you can try these simple tips.

Bring English into your home; have English books for kids and listen to English songs. Then, monitor children’s work and see what they do with their English skills.  

Help them expand their vocabulary by putting stick labels about an item in English around the house and test your kids on new words in a relaxed or in a fun way.

Talk to children using simple phrases. Phrases such as “I love you” or instructions like “please come here” will help them get used to hearing people talking in English.

Take a class for yourself if your English needs to improve. Show them how important to keep learning English. Children may think that if you aren't learning then it's not fair that they have to. This is an opportunity to set an example to them.

Lastly, make learning English fun! Sometimes, children feel bored with English lesson so it will be better if we can make it fun and keep it engaging for them. If they feel bored, don’t force them. Take a break and then go back to their activity once they’re ready.

With these activities you can do with them, always remember to show interest in their work and appreciate every good progress that they make. Moreover, there is no need to put much pressure to the kids. Let them make mistakes while they are trying to learn English. Criticizing their mistakes will just make them feel afraid to continue learning English. Focus on their achievements and encourage them to do their best!