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Storytelling Tour # 1: BookXcess

 Reading books with children helps to develop so many important skills including empathy. When a child can put themselves into the story it helps them to develop their understanding systems and relate to emotion. They identify with characters and feel what they are feeling. 

On May 20th, 2018, I Can Read decided to bring the magic of reading and our interactive method of storytelling to the community. We partnered with BookXcess to host a storytelling event at The Starling Mall. The main focus was to model for parents just how beneficial story time with their children can be. 
Nearly 30 attendees came and we were overwhelmed by the positive response! The attendees were first presented with some questions from us and our storybook fairy performed with some of the important communication skills to include when working with young readers.
The event was a fantastic success! The parents were given the opportunity to have their questions answered by people trained specifically to help kids read using modern phonetic techniques. Parents were able to leave with more knowledge on how to support and help their young readers flourish and grow. It was a wonderful day filled with fun and literary magic!