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I Can Read with JOY

I Can Read is giving back to the community with JOY
(Joint Outreach for the Young)

I Can Read believes that English literacy and education in general should be available to everyone regardless of their economic or social standing. With that in mind, we are beginning a year-long Corporate Social Responsibility campaign in February 2017 with AMKFSC Community Services Limited (AMKFSC), a group dedicated to helping children from less-privileged families.

I Can Read considers itself fortunate and is proud to work with such a selfless and important organisation!

We will sponsor a class of 20 students by supplementing their studies with I Can Read courses. This initiative allows us to give back by supporting students with their studies, ensuring they have an enjoyable learning experience.

I Can Read will document the campaign on our Facebook page and we hope you'll join us as we embark on this journey of learning!