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Help the less privileged members of our community and stand a chance to win amazing prizes! 

I Can Read with JOY (Joint Outreach for the Young) is an initiative which supports children from financially disadvantaged families by giving them free I Can Read lessons. By enhancing their studies with our literacy courses, we hope to nurture their love of reading and generally improve their academic performance. Most importantly, we want to give back to society in the best way that we can – by teaching children to read!

Research has shown that children who come from low-income families are required to do a considerable amount of housework. We want the next generation to empathise with these children by experiencing some everyday chores and we want you to film them!

Upload a 30-second video to this page of your child(ren) doing housework on Instagram. For every 5 videos that are posted, we will sponsor a child from a financially disadvantaged family by providing free I Can Read lessons. As well as helping the less privileged members of our community, you’ll stand a chance to win some amazing prizes!