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Signing a franchise agreement opens the door to a very large support network. With 19 years of experience running enrichment centres, we can help you work towards your dreams.

The I Can Read support system can be narrowed down to these three areas:

You do not have to be a teacher nor have a degree in education to own an I Can Read franchise. We will help you recruit suitable teachers for your centres. We will then thoroughly train them in the I Can Read methodology. This includes an intimate knowledge of our curriculum as well as the latest classroom management techniques. By the time they enter the classroom, I Can Read teachers confidently deliver our famous curriculum and know how to manage a class of active children.

We also follow up on your centre’s needs for curriculum support and development. Additionally, we will work with you and your teaching staff to conduct customised holiday programmes for students who strive to advance through the levels faster as well as non-students who want to sample the I Can Read programme.
Operating an education enrichment centre isn’t only about the academic function. You will also need to manage the facilities and daily operations such as class timetables, payment collection and assessment booking. After all, the centre’s quality standards are also important to parents. I Can Read can help train your operations staff, conduct Point-of-Sale training and draft guidelines for your operations team.

We also help you train your centre manager and provide customer service training for all your front desk staff which is very important for word-of-mouth advertising. A vital component of the operations training using our CenopSys computer system to manage the centre finances including invoice generation, payment collection, the class timetable and the assessment booking schedule. While support and training is taking place, we also consult and advise you on renovating your centre and getting it ready for launch.
A well operated enrichment centre needs to be known to the public and parents in close proximity to the centre. Marketing is the third element in the triad of running a successful I Can Read centre.

Firstly, we will consult and advise on the marketing strategy you will need based on your centre location and target student base. Prior to that, we will propose a selection of I Can Read marketing collaterals to help you work towards your objectives.

Our marketing activities include:
  • On and off site promotional activities such as roadshows, exhibitions and open houses.
  • Collaboration with educational partners such as kindergartens and primary schools in the vicinity.
  • Online and Offline Marketing channels to drive leads acquisition
  • Promotions to drive sign-ups
Our marketing collaterals include:
  • Large format banners
  • Pull Up Banners
  • Event Posters
  • Flyers
  • Tri-Fold Brochures
To foster parent appreciation, we also give out I Can Read Merchandise that is useful and attractive such as:
  • Polo T-Shirts
  • Bag
  • Pen
  • Crown
  • Balloons
  • Stickers
  • Tote Bag
  • Lanyard

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