What makes a successful franchisee?

3 steps to make your I Can Read Centre a Success
Myth: You need to have teaching experience to run an education centre. 

Fact: The I Can Read franchise models allow any entrepreneur to break into the education industry.

Hear from our Franchisees
“I tell my centre managers that one of the reasons we’ve been so successful is that we have a great team working in the background.” – Phan, Master Franchise for Hanoi, Vietnam.
“My teachers service the customers from the academic side of things while I manage the customer service and accounting. I know the level of service that parents expect and I am able to cover that portion well. Between us, we’ve got it all covered.” – Pansia Chaikanarakkul, Master Franchise for Thailand.

I Can Read’s comprehensive support program begins once the franchise agreement is signed. We want to ensure your centre is successful, and we do that with an immersive support programme. “You have a solid backing partner to help you grow your business within the market,” said Executive Director Chan Huang Yee.

The first step of any franchisee is to learn the I Can Read techniques and processes. After that, it is up to the franchise owners to make sure marketing of the products reaches the intended target audience. The creation of a comfortable learning environment will further assure parents the effectiveness of our curriculum, and increase enrolments.

Our 19-year branding footprint on top of our proven curriculum, will help franchisees grow their centres – and sustain that growth – organically. “Parents who send their children to I Can Read will notice a vast improvement within a few months,” said Executive Director Ngo Tong Yong.
Are you right for I Can Read?

Ms. Chan describes the ideal franchisee: Confident, decisive, and believing in the I Can Read methodology.
Ms. Chan sees the ideal franchisee as a confident decision-maker, willing to rely on the support offered by the franchise. Franchisee Elga Wong from Hong Kong SAR, who was formerly with Suneo (Hong Kong) Limited, thinks the biggest assets are common sense and a willingness to be hands-on.
“With I Can Read, you don’t need to have an MBA,” says Phan. “You just have to have good common sense. You cannot be an absentee owner especially at the start of the business. You have to have yourself or someone else in there routinely to make sure the initial teething issues which may happen are ironed out.”
I Can Read has built a modern and friendly experience around a business infrastructure that caters to entrepreneurs. We have proven systems in place that we have honed and updated over the years.

“I Can Read has an excellent operations training programme,” Elga Wong says. “I took my centre managers through the management program, so they know everything they need to do to run an I Can Read Centre. I still look after the business, but they are more than capable of handling the daily operations.”


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