Mastering the Pedagogy Journey

Chonnanat Marutaralert

Thailand , Chonnanat Marutaralert , 5 years

Single Unit Franchise

Chonnanat Marutaralert understands the importance of mastering the English language. Ms. Marutaralert holds an English degree from the renowned Chulalongkorn University as well as a masters in English Linguistics. It is no wonder she wants her son to be well-versed in the language too.

“When my preschooler turned five, I quit my job to manage the I Can Read centre at The Circle Ratchapruk full time,” said the entrepreneur.

Her journey began when her son was barely a year old. Ms. Marutaralert had two dreams: to enroll her son in an English language enrichment centre and be her own boss. She found the answer when she came across I Can Read while searching for a suitable enrichment centre.

“I thought it’d be great if I had my own English Language Centre that focuses on English Literacy. There were not many reputable schools in Thailand at that time. I Can Read was known internationally and was one of the few English Language Centres with a unique pedagogic methodology,” said Ms. Marutaralert. “I called the headquarters with an interest to franchise and the rest is history.”

Ms. Marutaralert chose I Can Read because it was well established and has been around for many years. It had also gained a following among parents. “I was confident the centre would provide professional consultation and management advice as well as a well-thought out business plan. I could count on them to deliver school programs, materials as well as reliable and professional support. It was a sound decision for my entrepreneurial journey,” said Ms. Marutaralert sagely.
Her centre enjoyed exclusivity when it first opened, as it was the only English enrichment centre at the strip mall. However, it is facing tough competition now as new enrichment centres pop up. The tenacious businesswoman is hardly fazed. “To start franchising, one needs to choose the right brand and you’ll be successful. Morals, honesty and understanding are also key factors for both the brand and the franchise owners. If we are sincere and mindful, I am certain the business will thrive,” she said.

Ms. Marutaralert said her I Can Read centre has been growing beyond her expectations in many ways. She wants to publicise the brand and make it the most well-known and reliable in the community. Her strategy is to produce the best results and exceed parents’ expectations – so they can, in turn, be her best referrals.

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