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I Can Read Singapore Head Office 

80 Changi Road #04-20 Centropod, Singapore 419715

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Our Brand Personality

We harness our students' creativity by stimulating their imagination.

Our pedagogy encourages students to learn at their own pace, while feeling supported and being made aware of their successes every step of the way.

Our students enhance their skills through educational classroom games and by interacting with entertaining materials.

Our approach to teaching reading specifically links letters or groups of letters to sounds.

Our Brand Values

Children are naturally curious. We believe in harnessing that curiosity, making reading an adventure, not a chore. Kindling a life-long love of learning that will inspire, delight and reward.

There’s a very big world out there. We believe that children need confidence to make it their own. Becoming strong readers will give them that courage. Allowing them to make sense of their lives, and control their own destinies.

Reading is one of life’s most precious gifts. We encourage a love of reading by making learning joyful. We don’t believe in rote study, or repetitive drills. We open doors to a magical kingdom.

True reading demands understanding. We know there’s nothing more vital than being close to our learners. Giving them the support and encouragement to craft words into wings.



I Can Read is Asia’s leading literacy provider. To date, we have known over 270,000 success stories in over 160 centres and school partnerships, spanning 15 global markets. Our success stems from utilising the findings from our founders’ 15 years of research into how children learn to read. The I Can Read system focuses on reading, but also provides students with the key listening, speaking and writing skills they need to be successful in primary school.

Join Us

Are you interested in working for a dynamic company that helps spread literacy around the world? I Can Read is a fun and rewarding place to work with upward mobility.

Teach I Can Read Literacy courses:
•    Working with children between the ages of 2.5 to 12 years old.
•    Teaching pre-reading skills to children using the I Can Read System.
•    Teaching reading and comprehension skills using the I Can Read System.
•    Teaching writing skills, including grammar, editing and publishing.
•    Teaching oral presentation and communication skills.
•    Helping children develop social skills and positive classroom behaviour.

Conduct Assessments
•    Teachers will conduct initial assessments for all incoming students.
•    Teachers will regularly assess students during classes to monitor individual progress.

•    Teachers will maintain regular open communication with parents, through informal meetings, formal meetings and scheduled parent teacher meetings.
•    Teachers will keep attendance logs for all classes taught and update Centre Management when a student is ready for promotion.
•    Teachers will attend regular Learning Centre Team meetings.

Contribute to Student Growth and Retention
•    Increasing sign-ups – achieved through maximising the assessment process.
•    Minimising withdrawals – achieved through maximising the teaching process.

•    Degree-level qualifications, preferably in Teaching/Education/Early Childhood/ Studies/ English/ English Literature or Linguistics.
•    Native English speaker with a universally recognisable accent and a strong command of the English Language.
•    At least two years of related teaching experience, or similar.
•    An enthusiasm for teaching young children.
•    Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
•    The ability to work well with co-teachers, and Learning Centre Management.
•    The ability to operate with a high level of integrity and professionalism.
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Why is I Can Read the world's best reading programme?  Why is I Can Read the parent's system of choice?

It is because no other reading programme can make the following claims:
•    Created by educational psychologist following years of research.
•    Created by educators with the following qualifications: PhD, BA, MA, Hons, DipEd, Master of Letters, Literature, Linguistics and Psychology majors, thesis based on research into reading acquisition and over 15 years field work.
•    ICR creators are also the authors of “Dealing with Dyslexia and Reading Difficulties” published by Pearson Education.
•    Is a proven programmetrialled in Singapore and overseas and backed by statistical data.
•    Has successfully taught over 270,000 students.
•    Has been hailed by Professor Brian Byrne (author of The Alphabetic Principle) as being in line with current research into optimum ways to teach reading.
If you choose I Can Read, you are choosing a reputable system which has proven itself over 19 years, is the market leader and is supported by professionals in the field.  The evidence is clear: you can't go wrong with I Can Read!

I Can Read Mongolia Grand Opening Event!

It is with great excitement that we can announce the much-anticipated opening of our very first I Can Read centre in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. 

The grand opening was held on the 6th and 7th of October 2018. We are extremely thankful for the turnout and the event was graced by the presence of Ms. Chan Huang Yee, Executive Director of the I Can Read Global Headquarters. Ms. Chan gave insight into the I Can Read methodology. Over 300 parents and their children joined us to celebrate this eventful day!

All attendees were treated to scrumptious food and the children took part in colouring activities. Everybody was delighted to see the new I Can Read centre come to life!

Address: Ulaanbaatar, Bayanzurkh District, Niislel Khuree Avenue, Parkside centre, Block C.

For more information, please email


We at I Can Read want all of our locations to succeed. We've set high standards for ourselves because we're here to change the lives of our students and their families. We want to make a huge impact and therefore have crafted a complete and reliable Franchise Business System.  This system includes:
•    A business model with profit margins of up to 30%
•    A proven curriculum that really works
•    Teacher recruitment and selection
o    Professional recruitment process for teacher candidates who fit into our I Can Read® teacher profile
o    Comprehensive teacher training programme and classroom management protocols.
•     Marketing support
o    Pre-opening marketing support
o    Design and collaterals
o    Corporate identity and design guidelines
•    Operations support
o    Initial centre set up training and guidelines
o    Operations training and guidelines
•    A caring, experienced and professional management team
o    Franchised centres are provided with the same level of support structure as HQ centres
o    Your voice is heard. We are team players and are constantly evolving and improving our system.
** We welcome all franchise applications and enquiries for all territories, excluding Singapore.
To download our franchising brochure, click here.    
If you'd like to contact us directly with questions or concerns, click here.


The I Can Read System originally came about through research conducted between 1995 and 2000 by Antony Earnshaw and Annabel Seargeant. It is structured, cumulative and hierarchical, and is the first system in the world to link clusters of letters to single sounds in a unique manner.

The I Can Read reading programme enables the student to see how letters combine to create invariant sounds and empowers the student to take control of his or her own reading progress.

I Can Read system teaches three essential skills that the new reader needs to learn to read:
•    Phonemic awareness
•    Phonics
•    Blending sequences of phono-graphemes

The I Can Read reading programme overcomes the difficulties that new readers face when they learn to read and have to combine letters into blended sounds. It overcomes the problem of knowing how to pronounce words when so many letters and clusters of letters can be associated with more than one sound. Commencing with simple, straightforward words, the student progresses to learn more difficult phoneme combinations, building upon his or her successes along the way.



Developed by educational psychologists, the I Can Read Programme is student-centred and outcome-based taught by internationally qualified English Reading Specialists using the I Can Read method. Our classes are focused and fun. Parents are kept informed of the progress their child has made, in the learning areas of each course. I Can Read achieves results, giving our students the literacy skills they need as they progress in their education.